Do you want to connect to your intuition, but feel like you are often clouded with anxiety and this prevents you from actually accessing this gut feeling?

The other day, I posted this on instagram, and several of you asked how to tap into your intuition when you feel totally derailed by anxiety, which prevents you from doing so:

You’ve come to the right place. Shifting this is a gentle, loving process, and it’s life changing.

Before we begin, take a look at that image of the pink cloud: this can be a cloud of anxiety, or it can also be a cloud of love, a key to your liberation.

That’s how I see pain, and that’s how I will address it here.

Our traumas and past pain can lead us to the most magnificent, magical healing and joy!

Before we begin, I would also like for you to take a deep breath. And another.

And another.

Notice your body – what sensations are present in there today?

Yes, these are the keys to accessing your intuition. You’re already doing it!

Now, let’s dive in and take a look around: what is anxiety, how does it cloud our intuition, and how can we get more connected?


Anxiety and Intuition


If you experience anxiety often, you probably know that it can be really difficult to tap into your intuition in this state.

Why is that?

It’s because our intuitive sense comes from our gut, which is in the body.

When we are in a state of anxiety, we actually sever the connection with our body. We stay in the mind.

Our thoughts race. One after the other…

So imagine if you want to make a really important decision. The decision makes you feel really nervous, because the outcome will have a major impact on your life.

The anxiety you experience creates a roller coaster of thoughts in your mind.

The reason you stay stuck in the mind in this moment is simple: this is your animal brain.

The animal brain, the reptilian brain, is the part of you that knows how to hide from a lion.

It begins to scan the savannah for potential danger, and potential hiding spots.

reptilian brain

This is what your brain is doing, even though you’re not in the savannah.

And because your intuitive sense is in the body, rather than the mind, it makes total sense that you cannot access your intuition in this moment to help you make a decision. When we do not feel safe enough in the body, we rely on the mind to turn the show. 

To make a decision, you rely on pros and cons analysis, that can last forever and not actually help you!

So what do you do? How can you shift this?

Let’s first explore why intuition is important.


The Significance of Intuition

I was having a conversation with a dear friend about intuition today, and he asked me what it actually is. Like in science… what defines intuition?

Even though I truly love science, and I’m tempted to do all this research right now and define it for all of us here, I’m not going to.



Because your intuition defies logic. It takes into account all your past and even future experiences. It exists in a time frame that your logical, 3D mind cannot grasp.

I don’t really care if it’s a spiritual concept, a scientific concept, or if you think it’s totally woo-woo.

All I can say is that I’ve witnesses and experienced incredible magic by living in tune with my intuition, and by supporting my clients in doing the same.

Intuition helps us live life easily, joyfully, and in alignment.

That’s it. That’s my definition.

It’s because it’s your deepest truth, and when you begin to connect with your deepest truth, you truly feel invincible.

You stop looking for answers outside yourself, or feeling confused all the time, or asking 1,000 people for advice on making decisions.

You make decisions easily. You listen to your inner voice. You act. You feel fulfilled by your actions, because after all, they are in tune with your deepest truth. That’s what living in full alignment is like.

living in alignment with your intuition

How to Access Intuition, Even if you Often Experience Anxiety

I’ve been there too. I’ve lived my life from a state of anxiety, making only rational decisions and relying on my mind for answers.

It never felt good, but it was truly the only way I knew how to live.

Until I started a deep transformative journey to connect to my body.

This journey took time, and it still takes time. I am dedicated to it daily, because I am decided to my freedom.

Your first step: connecting to your body’s sensations from a space of safety

This might sound so simple, but it may not be easy.

If you experience a lot of anxiety, it may be that you do not feel safe living in your body, and this may come from trauma you’ve experienced when you were growing up.

We always want to heal from a place of nervous system regulation. This means that whatever you do in your journey, don’t do it from a state of overwhelm. This is not a state of healing and growth, and it can actually do more damage than good to go faster.

So, we slow down to speed up.

Exercise: close your eyes, and take yourself to a very safe space in your mind. It can be your bed, the park, or any place where you feel really protected.

Stay there for a minute, and really experience this space with all your senses (see it, taste it, feel it on your skin); feel what you sense internally in your body as you spend time here.

Next, begin to scan your entire body, noticing sensations. These can be: cold, warm, open, closed, stagnant, moving, etc.

Track the strongest sensation you can notice, and stay with it for a minute or so, really noticing it.

Ask yourself in your mind:

1. What color is this sensation?

2. What shape is it?

3. What is it doing? Is it moving? Is it in one place?

You are already using your intuition right here!


Your Connection with Your Intuition Can be Developed

While it takes time and patient effort to begin to connect with your body, know that this process will also help you better handle anxiety when it comes up.

The stronger your relationship with your body will be, the better equipped you’ll be to move through anxiety, faster.

And if you’d like to further develop this connection with your internal wisdom and intuition, and hear it speak to you louder, then this 7-day free journey is for you:


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