Unleashing My Inner Power and Impacting Others

As a somatic leadership coach, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found a career that aligns with my deepest values and brings me immense freedom, joy, and pride. However, I want to be transparent about the challenges that also arise along this journey. Days of resistance, fear, and self-doubt are not uncommon. Fortunately, I have discovered and honed the very tools I teach to my clients, and I can confidently say that they truly work.

Lessons Learned Along the Way

Through my personal coaching journey, there are seven key insights I wish I had known from the beginning. These insights have transformed the way I approach my work and have helped me navigate the inevitable ups and downs of this profession:

  1. The power of healing: The deeper I delve into my own healing journey, the more successful I become as a coach. Healing myself is not only transformative for me but also for my clients.
  2. The embodied coach: My clients need the most embodied version of me. Prioritizing my daily inner work above anything else allows me to show up authentically and make a profound impact.
  3. Embracing resistance: Whenever I feel stuck or face resistance, I now understand that it’s a sign I’m on the verge of a breakthrough. By persistently doing the work, I can push through and experience remarkable growth.
  4. The power of regulation: Success can never be achieved from a dysregulated nervous system. I have learned to always take action from a place of regulation, where I am grounded and centered.
  5. Exploring resistance: Instead of avoiding or dismissing resistance, I have discovered the immense value in honoring and exploring it through somatic practices. In the resistance lies profound opportunities for growth.
  6. Aligned joy: Despite the challenging days, I am constantly reminded that this career is a gift to both myself and humanity. When it feels aligned, it brings me a deep sense of success, lightness, and pure joy.
  7. Impact-driven focus: I am driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact, not solely by financial gains. While money may be a side effect of a regulated nervous system and consistent healing work, it is not the primary driving force.

Unlock Your Leadership Power with “EMBODIED SUCCESS” Guide

I’m excited to share with you a free resource that I’ve created: the EMBODIED SUCCESS: DAILY SOMATIC BASED PRACTICES FOR IMPACT DRIVEN LEADERS READY FOR UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS guide. This comprehensive PDF guide is packed with journaling prompts, somatic meditations, and practices designed to unleash your leadership power, help you move past stuckness, and step into your unprecedented visionary success.

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Remember, your healing and personal growth are essential ingredients in becoming an impactful somatic leadership coach. Embrace the challenges, honor your resistance, and tap into the immense power within you. Together, we can create a world where true leadership thrives.

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