As a somatic leadership coach, I believe that true power lies in leading from both the body and the mind. It’s not just about thinking and strategizing; it’s about tapping into the wisdom of your body and embracing a holistic approach to leadership.

Recognizing the Exhaustion of Overdoing

Have you ever found yourself constantly giving unsolicited advice or taking on more responsibilities than necessary? It’s easy to get caught up in trying to lead in every aspect of our lives, even where it isn’t required or appreciated. But this approach can quickly lead to burnout.

For instance, I used to spend hours thinking about every detail that needed attention in my home or offering endless coaching to friends who didn’t ask for it. The result? Exhaustion and a sense of depletion.

Embracing Boundaries and Celebrating Recognition

Through my personal journey, I’ve learned the importance of setting boundaries and leading where my leadership is valued. I now give feedback and guidance to friends only when it is requested, leading to more fulfilling and meaningful interactions.

In my business, I confidently speak my truth and establish boundaries. It can be challenging, but the sense of alignment and fulfilment it brings is worth it. I’ve also learned to step back in my partnership, trusting in the mutual agreement to provide feedback and coaching to support each other’s growth.

Discovering the Rewarding Path of Authentic Leadership

Recognizing my tendencies to overlead and seek external validation, I realized that true leadership starts with honouring myself and my own power. As a feminine business owner, I’ve craved a balance between leading and surrendering, and I’ve come to understand that recognition begins from within.

This realization led me to create the free PDF guide, EMBODIED SUCCESS: DAILY SOMATIC BASED PRACTICES FOR IMPACT DRIVEN LEADERS READY FOR UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS. This guide is designed to help you tap into your leadership power, overcome feeling stuck, and step into your vision of success. It includes journaling prompts, somatic meditations, and practices that will support your journey towards becoming an impactful and fulfilled leader.

Take a moment to reflect on the areas of your life where you’re currently leading. Ask yourself, does it feel good or draining? Remember, your leadership is most impactful where it’s requested and received with love. Embrace your authentic voice, set healthy boundaries, and lead from a place of alignment and fulfilment.

For more insights on somatic leadership and personal growth, visit my website, follow me on Instagram, and download the free guide to embark on your journey towards embodied success!