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I am a lightworker who is not afraid of the darkness. I guide you into your darkness fearlessly and boldly so that you can fully sense and explore your pure joy. So that you can fall in love with your empath soul, empower your sensitivity, and boldly step into the human you’re always becoming, a little bit more every day.


As an empath – you’re a gift in this world. Spreading more empathy to this planet means really seeing people’s needs. Needs are universal (food, shelter, love, feeling seen and heard). While we don’t always agree on strategies to get needs met (like yelling, demanding, even killing), empathy is about seeing everyone’s universal needs behind their strategies.


Approach life & yourself with curiosity and awe, with excitement, non-judgement, compassion and the willingness to explore and discover.


Lead a life of vision. Purpose-driven, assertive and radically honest. Let your heart speak its truth without fearing how others may react.


Give your celebration full permission. Drop all the stories about being too much or just not enough, and let your joy rise infectiously and inspire everyone around.


Tapping into the darkness you have experienced in your life will elevate you into your greatest light, bringing you to experience the most beautiful life you can ever imagine, like a waking dream.


Two years ago, I found myself sitting on the couch of my living room, frustrated and lost. I felt like nothing was working in my business and life, like my relationship was confusing and not working and my business wasn’t bringing in the kind of money I wanted.


I was reading Gabby Bernstein’s “The Universe Has Your Back”. In this chapter, she suggested to just sit with it and feel it.


In the same week, my coach at the time, Alyssa Nobriga, told me the same thing.


In these moments, I began to realize that when messages are being sent several times in several ways, it’s time to listen.


“Hmm, I’ve never tried this. Ok, I guess I will”.


I closed my eyes, and for the first time in my whole life, instead of trying to solve, work, and do, I just sat there on my couch and allowed myself to sense.

Client Love Notes

“Before I was working with Marina, I was going through a very difficult time, an unbearable heartbreak in the time of pandemic, and Marina was the only person who came to my mind, when I thought I could use help. I met Marina at an event which she organized, she gave us some mindfulness exercises, which I really enjoyed. So when I was looking for help, she was naturally the first person came to my mind.

I loved that Marina took time to understand what works best for me, and designed the program accordingly, she introduced me to really good breathing exercises, and provided really good material (books, videos, podcasts). Even though I was a bit hesitant to work with a coach: I am very private person, I don’t feel like sharing about my life to anyone, I have trust issues, it was my first time on coaching program with Marina, I met her at an event she organized, and felt like I could trust her.

I received immense support from Marina, which I needed so much at that time, I achieved my sanity back, self realization of my power was big one. I was in a very dark place, and working with Marina made me realize, if I can overcome this obstacle, there isn’t a thing I can’t do.Finding the right help at right time from right person is very important. I have seen Marina doing her research, she provides material that’s not very easily available, not only that with her help I was able to identify patterns I was falling into. It is incredible”. 


It was scary, because I was so used to my body being an unsafe place. There was so much trauma I went through in my life that made my body my worst nightmare. But something in that moment felt ready for this shift to take place, to allow me to go inward and just to be.


From this sacred, unfamiliar moment, I began to do this practice every day, for many months. Sitting with myself and just listening.


At times, it would go on for hours. I would get lost in my own body, as if I was discovering it for the first time – because I was.


I discovered so much pain and magic. So much wisdom and loss. 


I discovered a little girl who was scared, sad and disappointed. I discovered a little girl who was joyous and excited, and who still devoured every bit of celebration, like it had never been taken away from her.


After this process, I decided that this was my life’s work. To sit with it, integrate it, and find space in me for joy and pain, for sorrow and celebration, for darkness and light.

photo of Marina

That I would no longer shield my heart from anything. That I would let the divine guide me to myself, every day, boldly, fearlessly, lovingly.


And I decided that my life’s work was holding this sacred, holy mission and space for you, my beautiful human.


To open up the space for you to look into your soul and connect with all that is there, with full acceptance, with wonder, trust, and surrender.


So often, we derive our worth from the doing. Our sense of self from fixing, whether others or ourselves.


We want to help people. We want to fix ourselves + them. We want to please people, so that they can be happy, so that we can be happy.


When you allow things to just be, when you begin to trust what is and let it teach you what could be, you’re guided to the greatest miracles. 


When you allow yourself to fully and deeply feel it all – the joy is so much bigger!

Virginia L. Testimonial


seeds of peace

Conflict Transformation Facilitator

dialogue facilitator

I’ve facilitated Israelis and Palestinians for 10 years in conflict transformation through dialogue

jerusalem rape crisis center

I facilitated dialogue on gender, sexuality, and sexual assault

health coach

I’ve coached women in transforming their health and relationship with food

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