Hi, I’m Marina!

pronounced: Ma-ri-na ya-na-i t-rai-ner

The Somatic Coach

Marina Yanay-Triner is a somatic coach for impact driven leaders, published author, trauma survivor and expert on top summits and podcasts on the topics of trauma, the nervous system and emotional healing. She has supported thousands with big visions who felt stuck through her 1-1 coaching, group programs and online courses.

Marina teaches body-based somatic tools, mindful self compassion, and nervous system regulation and emotional healing techniques to awaken a sense of purpose and aliveness.

Based on my life history, I was supposed to live a
life of pain, regret, and disconnection, and have a career that didn’t spark joy, just to make a living. Trauma runs in my family: the Holocaust, violence and war, financial trouble and poverty.

It also runs in my own life: moving multiple times as a refugee, sexual assault, and emotional neglect. And yet, through it all, through pain and working
through my triggers, I am able to keep coming back to deep aliveness and presence, build a thriving business and support thousands.

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living in alignment with your intuition

Emotional healing:

Why are emotions important, what they are, how to process emotions from the past and what that does for our health and success in the world; trauma and emotional flashbacks

Nervous system regulation:

How the nervous system works, what it means to be regulated, nervous system states and practical somatic exercises to create a flexible nervous system
alive and aligned


my powerful healing story, why we are never actually “healed”, what is trauma and how it is stored in the body and mind, why everyone experiences trauma and how can we integrate it for its wisdom

Who do I work with?

Brands: I love working with ethical and sustainable brands that care about planet, animals and people, and are trauma-informed.

Media: media outlets and podcasts that are excited to bring the trauma informed, compassionate voice to their audience and dive deep.

What can you expect?

Clear communication, and a deep commitment to co-create information that
will bring value, healing and curiosity to both of our audiences.


My mission is to bring healing to humans, the planet and animals by creating awareness about the role of trauma in our lives. I’m so excited to do this work alongside you in our future collaboration!


Rose Metcalf | Unsinkable Soul

The feedback I have had from the audience at the Unsinkable Soul live event has been unprecedented in not only how much it moved audience members’ souls, but also gave them practical resources and steps to support them in their healing journey. I sincerely hope that many, many people have taken advantage of your free gift and hopefully you are getting hired by lots and lots of people because you are awesome and the work you are doing is so needed.


The Moon & Your Mind

Marina was wonderful to have on our podcast! She brought soul, openness & fun to difficult topics. We have received feedback from listeners that it was one of their favorite episodes & they learned actual coping mechanisms they can use in their day to day.

We hope to have Marina on again to continue our conversation – one episode just wasn’t enough! 

Amanda Roux | Ignite & Liberate your Inner Visionary

I interviewed Marina for my online Immersion, Ignite & Liberate your Inner Visionary. She is an amazing, articulate speaker and is well versed in the work that she does! Our audience loved learning about somatic & emotional healing, as well as compassion. She was a pleasure to work with, honored her commitments and was incredibly kind. When she spoke during the interview, she gave clear responses that were informative yet created space to continue the conversation. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to collaborate with her! 

Brooke Novick | Axis Mundi

It was an absolute honor and joy to have Marina as a guest teacher in the Microdosing Practitioner Training. 

 The training is filled with space-holders of all kinds, and the group had the most amazing things to say about Marina and her class after it was over. 

 I sense a great inspiration flowing through the cohort, and a desire to continue learning from Marina and putting her teachings into practice. We are all much more aware of our bodies and nervous systems after this class. What a massive gift to ourselves and those we work with. 

 The way Marina implements experiential exercises throughout her teachings was excellent hands-on learning for everyone, as well as a very grounding experience for us all.

 I am deeply grateful for all Marina offered to this training. Her teachings are hugely important and beneficial for all humans, and we have each received an invaluable gift from her.

Christine Eartheart | The Thriving Relationship Show

It was such an absolute joy to have Marina as a guest on our Thriving Relationships Show (podcast).

She was wise, insightful, genuine, warm, encouraging, intelligent, articulate, absolutely lovely to coordinate with, and filled the episode with nuggets of wisdom, as well as inspiring stories and concrete exercises for listeners to experience.

I already can’t wait to have her back, and she has my highest recommendation!

Maya Acosta | Healthy Lifestyle Solutions

Marina returned a second time to my podcast to speak about her work with empaths. This conversation was even more meaningful to me because I’ve learned that doing inner work is key to designing the life that I desire. Her openness, gentleness and love for all is conveyed in her message and in her approach. She is highly knowledgeable about how our nervous system is affected by past traumas and then affected once again by certain triggers. Very few people are as informed as she is.

I look forward to having her on the show in the near future once again to see what else she has in her toolkit.

Petia Kolibova | Master Coach, Author, Speaker

I am still absolutely in awe about the session for our online summit that Marina shared with us. Her wisdom and practical teachings were really mind, heart and soul opening and provided not only her own personal stories and experience but also amazing exercises we practised right away.

Me and my husband are both coaches and keep doing our work to grow and since the session with Marina we keep practicing what she was teaching us and it still resonates and really works.

Marina is an amazing speaker, teacher and guide and we are so happy she spoke on our event and also contributed a chapter to our book 21 days to soulful success.

Speaker, author, wise guide, all in one. Her wisdom is not only learned but most importantly embodied.

So honored and thankful our paths crossed and we are excited to keep learning with and from her.

Jalon Johnson: Not Your Ordinary Parts

Marina is the essence of healing personified. I’ve followed her work for so long and learned so much! I would consider her a nervous system expert, and the techniques she employs for healing WORK! Marina was kind enough to share her story, knowledge, and insight with me for an episode on my podcast, and it was truly a wonderful experience. Anyone who’s suffered from trauma and needs support emotionally can benefit from Marina and what she does! Such an absolute pleasure to learn and share space with her!

Raj Montage | The On-Call Empath

On episode 126, I had a guest by the name of Marina on my podcast. I requested her to discuss the somatic, body-based approach in more detail and address their nervous system regulation, stuckness, and triggers. To put it mildly, I was really impressed with her level of expertise on this issue.

I can honestly say that Marina came prepared when she recently appeared on my podcast. She provided me with thorough answers to all my tough questions. I can tell Marina takes his work seriously, but she also doesn’t mind answering the hard questions. I select only the very best guests from all over the world who align with the mission of my show.

I have no doubt Marina truly cares about her work and wants to clearly help others. I’m sincerely grateful to have shared time and space with her! I can highly recommend Marina to any other podcast show seeking for a quality guest.