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Somatic healing completely changed the trajectory of my life

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Marina is the compassionate somatic coach, working with people who want to experience more aliveness and deep transformation through a somatic, body-based approach addressing their stuckness, triggers, and regulating their nervous system.


What is the meaning of an empth?

Are you an empath?

A feeler, a magnificent intuitive, connected deeply to other people, perhaps even animals, and able to literally feel the emotions of others. Empaths often:

  • Feel people’s emotions in their own body
  • Feel drained by negative people and uplifted in the company of positive people
  • Love helping others
  • Are highly intuitive
  • Have a hard time saying no
  • Are heavily impacted by violent or scary movies
  • Adore time in nature

Here is what many of my clients experience as a result of coaching:

– deeper connection to yourself, your body and your intuition

– more self love, less self judgement

– greater deciseveness: in your career path, relationships, and daily decisions

– greater capacity to experience joy in your life

– feeling more alive, excited, and aligned in every area of your life; living life on purpose and with purpose

transformational Coaching Program

the impact of coaching on your life

transformational Coaching Program

Here is what a coaching session with me looks like:

You and I work on 5 levels of transformation:

– Emotional

– mental

– behavioral

– unconscious

– somatic (sensations in the body like tightness, lightness, openness)


Coaching sessions

Tools & Practices You’ll Experience:

I am an intuitive coach. There is on one structure that appears in every coaching session with every client. Sessions all look and feel different, and it’s all in service of you and your growth and transformation, taking you to your next level.


This can be a full breathwork session or shorter practices you can then implement into your day. Breathwork is incredibly powerful for diving into the subconscious mind and rewiring patterns without talking about them.

inner child work

There is a child that lives within all of us that may show up for you when you’re triggered. You can learn so much from this child about joy and fun, and you can also learn to fulfill this child’s needs when she or he show up, a major emotional healing experience.

Somatic meditation

Creating self awareness and a connection with your body and intuition is an invaluable practice for empaths, that then becomes an effortless aspect of life that informs all of your decisions.


My work as a coach is not about giving you the right answers. It’s about asking you the right questions. Inquiry helps you better understand yourself, and this awareness is the basis for total body transformation.

high achievers

What do empaths and high achievers have in common?

Many empaths grow up in families where they are taught to always be doing, pleasing and achieving. They are taught that their needs, thoughts and feelings should not be expressed. They learn how to please their parents with their outward expression, suppressing their own truth. In this process, many empaths grow into high achievers: they are constantly DOING more to achieve more, to prove their own worth and value. And they also get burnt out…


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