How to incorporate somatic practices into your daily life and the six steps you can start taking today.

What is somatic practice?

Somatic means any practice that uses your mind-to-body connection to help you analyse and discover your inner-self and helps you to understand and listen to any signals your body sends out about areas of trauma, pain, imbalance or discomfort.

Somatics can sometimes be so mysterious; what do somatics all include? How can we incorporate somatic practices into our daily life?

I have created some easy-to-follow steps to break it down for you in a practical way.

The spiritual + practical practices are a winning combination and what I love to teach!

6 steps to incorporating Somatic practices into your daily life

All you need to incorporate a Somatic practice into your life is 10-15 minutes daily! Yes, that’s all! Make it fit your schedule and your day in a sustainable way.

Follow these steps:

1. Choose a time

Choose a time each day that you can dedicate to your daily somatic practice. This is a sacred time when you won’t be disturbed.

2. Comfortable time slots

Set aside as much time as you feel comfortable with. It’s important not to push yourself into lengthy practices that feel completely unsustainable.

3. Start with stillness

Start your practice with stillness body check-in. Sit or lay down very comfortably, grab all the props you need, and really make sure your body feels cosy and held. Check-in with your throat, chest, and belly by simply observing the sensations present without judgment.

4. Choose a nervous system regulation practice

Choose a nervous system regulation practice like the Voo, deep belly breathing or the butterfly hug.

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5. Observe your emotions

When you feel more settled, dive into observing what emotions are present for you and notice which one is calling to be released.

6. Imagine and release

Take your time in imagining you are a wild animal, moving and sounding with this emotion. Maybe you want to run, shake, hide or scream? Allow yourself to go there, staying present with your body.

I’d love to know what your favourite practice is to include in your somatic ritual. Let me know in the comments on my Instagram