Here I will explain the process of how to develop self-confidence and a strong sense of self-worth. In particular, after experiencing a trauma.

Here’s a snippet of my own journey:

The first day I walked into my very first therapist’s office, she told me something I’ll never forget:

“This journey is about you learning to listen to your intuition again”.

It really hit home, and yet it felt foreign all at the same time. I remember having a strong intuition as a child, yet losing self-trust completely when I perceived that my intuition betrayed me. Layers upon layers, years upon years – it all unraveled. It’s not my intuition that deceived me. It’s listening to the voices of others above my own needs and truth.

The process of developing self-confidence and self-worth is a slow process; the shift WILL happen, and the confidence WILL return once you practice listening to your BODY (this is where your intuition lives).

What does a lack of self-confidence and self-worth through trauma look like?

  • Trauma threatens our sense of self-worth because it makes us question ourselves – it shakes the very core of our being.
  • Suddenly, we can’t make decisions, and we stop listening to ourselves because we might feel like our intuition has let us down.
  • There is this sense that if we do listen to ourselves, we’ll get into a threatening and painful situation again.

But at the same time, trauma can teach us.

What can our experience with trauma teach us?

  • Trauma can teach us huge self-lessons in self-trust because if we look deeply, we’ll see that we weren’t the problem.
  • It can teach us that the problem was a pattern of not listening to our intuition, of people pleasing, of putting ourselves last on the priority list.

How can we start to build self-confidence and self-worth after trauma?

The healing process is gradual and involves starting to listen to our truth in very small ways. This truth is a whisper, not a scream. As we take tiny steps of listening to our intuition, we build the capacity of self-trust back up.

Please be gentle with yourself.

Please remember that it takes time for your mind and body to align again, and it will happen if you keep practicing.

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