oWhat are the signs of financial trauma, and how can you spot the signs?

 I recently received a message from someone telling me I charge too much for my services. The old me would get so triggered by this. She was always trying to be a good girl, to do the right thing and say the right thing.

 Even today, I still live with lots of inherited financial trauma, and also trauma from experiencing poverty and financial insecurity as a child within my family unit. I have a huge heart and always want to support others who are going through the same things that I went through and one of those being financial trauma.

 Without getting into the political solution to the poverty crisis in this world, which is obviously created with the help of racism and other privileged/underprivileged dynamics that NEED to change (there is no real equality, in my opinion)… I just want to address financial trauma, which so many of us have and so many of us don’t realize we are going through.

 Whatever your financial situation right now, let’s see if any of these signs resonate with you:

  1.  You get really triggered by prices that seem too large
  2. You are scared to look at your bank account
  3. You consistently find yourself not making enough money
  4. You overspend then get upset about it
  5. You feel a nervous anxious energy when you spend, think or talk about money
  6. You feel shut down when you spend, think or talk about money
  7. You hoard money, food etc
  8. You are obsessed with money- you think about it a lot and the amount determines how you feel
  9. You are a work-a-holic because you are always afraid you won’t have enough

 I promise you that this can all change.

 For me, financial trauma started to change from literally investing 30 bucks into an online course. This helped me expand my capacity to spend money on myself and my personal growth.

Then, I worked up to spending thousands of dollars on working with coaches and healers, and at the same time charging appropriately for my services too.

Along this journey, regulating my nervous system in the presence of money has been huge, and I still have to do it when fear suddenly comes into the picture, “omg no, there’s a recession, you can’t charge xyz, no one will pay you, etc.”

I’ve also done a lot of financial healing generationally, letting go of the ties of scarcity that bound me to one of my favourite humans: my grandmother. This work changes lives, and you can do it too, I promise!

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