The symptoms of healing trauma can vary depending on the individual, the severity of the trauma, and the type of treatment being used. Here are some common symptoms that may be experienced during the healing process:

  1. Major fatigue: You could be more tired than usual; healing can take its toll and, of course, can drain energy, causing fatigue.
  2. Digestive upset: You may find your stomach in knots, and don’t be surprised if you get IBS-type symptoms; this can be linked to anxiety and stress. It’s all part of releasing your trauma.
  3. Dissociation: You may struggle to be in the present moment and often leave your body.
  4. Wanting to be alone: You may feel like you need lots of alone time.
  5. Longing: You may feel like you crave to see, speak and be with the people who get you and see you.
  6. Tension and pain: You may feel tension and pain within your body
  7. Emotions: You may feel a myriad of emotions and sensations coursing through your body, such as fear, grief, numbness, rage and joy.

How to treat the common symptoms of healing trauma

I go through this process probably every few months when suddenly a trauma from the past is revealed, and I am ready to feel it and heal it.

These days, it doesn’t completely take me out of my life- but I definitely give myself more time to rest. I acknowledge the pain I am going through, and I share it with those who I know can meet me where I am at.

Healing is beautiful and challenging, and when you hold the truth as a guiding light – that this journey is only taking you higher and higher, it will get easier.

I hear you, I see you, you are so courageous, and we are all healing together! Come and join my community on Instagram or see how I can further help you on my website.