The 9 most common long-term effects of childhood trauma on our mental and physical health. We don’t talk enough about it. Keep reading to see if any of this resonates.

The long-term effects of unresolved childhood trauma

Here are 9 long-term effects of childhood trauma:

  1. Physical ailments like rashes, lethargy, chronic pain, cardiovascular issues and autoimmune diseases.
  2. Chronic sleep issues
  3. Inability to maintain intimate relationships and friendships and to give and receive
  4. Severe fear or feeling and experiencing pleasure, joy and ease.
  5. Inability to rest
  6. Learning or behaviour issues such as ADD and ADHD
  7. Addictions (food, alcohol, drugs, gambling etc)
  8. Your children having physical and mental issues
  9. Financial struggles and poverty

While it can be super scary to look at these ways that childhood trauma can wreak havoc on our lives, I want you also to consider how powerful the human organism is and how much we can transform this with practice and work.

Childhood trauma & Somatic healing

Wow, the impact of childhood trauma runs deep, and at the same time, the impact of somatically working with our childhood trauma creates a profound and meaningful life.

It’s truly the journey of a lifetime, yet when we invest the effort into our healing, the results speak for themselves; better physical health, sleep and life outcomes!

A thriving life is possible, even after trauma. After all, none of us lives life unscathed by trauma, and our bodies are meant to have mechanisms to heal it all.

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