The Sustainable CEO: Let Your Inner World Reflect Your Work

Tools & practices to transform your inner world so that you have the energy and capacity to hold the transformation you create to a more ethical world.

In partnership with Torrey Project

May 13th; 6PM - 7:30PM PST

Zoom, Participate from Anywhere

Hi love,
Welcome to this space. Take a deep breath, I know you need it. Let this deep breath nourish your body with joy

You’re here now because you’re an incredibly caring person

You want our planet to flourish.


You want people to feel good and experience joy.


That’s why you do what you do. That’s why your work in the world is ethical and sustainable.


But does it actually sustain you? Does it leave you feeling joyful and excited?


The impact you have on this world is a reflection of the garden you create inside of your body.


If it is neglected, drained and depleted, you can only go so far.


You cannot create a sustainable business without having the practices in place to sustain yourself first.

Are you ready to experience a nourishing, joyful way of being in your life and business?


What You Will Walk Away With from this Workshop:

→ Specific tools and practices for stepping more into joy

→ Deep emotional healing

→ A new vision of your life & business that includes joy and celebration, and puts you and your needs at the center

→ An embodied experience of celebration: rather than just talking about it, you will experience it in your body and take it with you into your daily life

This is for you if…

You are an empath: if you’re a deep feeler, if other people’s emotions impact you, if you care deeply about humans, animals and the planet, you’re an empath (if you’re not sure whether you’re an empath, take the quiz here.)

You are a high achiever, and you work your ass off: you want to make this world better, and this often leaves you totally drained and overwhelmed

You desire to feel as good on the inside as you want the planet and people around you to feel!

Tools & Skills

Somatic/embodiment: a powerful practice to get you connected to your body and embody joy

Stream of consciousness journaling: tap into your subconscious and become aware of your patterns

Breathwork: a transformational and inspiring practice of breath that will give you new ideas and help you shift stuck energy

Inner child work: go to the root of beliefs and behaviors that hold you back from joy and pleasure, and learn from the joyfulness of your inner child, bringing it back into your life now


Hi, I’m Marina. I’m a deep feeler, and a high achiever. I care deeply about other people, and creating a world where everyone feels welcomed and like they matter. Where justice, love and community are of the highest value.


But for a long time, I subconsciously believed that these values of mine meant that I didn’t get to nurture myself. That being part of a revolution of caring and love on this planet did not include a revolution of love and caring for ME.


Until I got exhausted and depleted. And until I started to see that the world I take part in creating is a mirror image of the world I create within me.


And that is why I became a transformational coach for empaths and high achievers: because you are a magnificent human, and I want you to keep going until the day your physical body leaves this planet.


But you can only do that if you treat your body and soul with the same love and care as you treat everyone else in your life.