The Deeply Seen Masterclass

A 90-minute masterclass, Recorded August 2023

DEEPLY SEEN is a signature embodiment process by which you begin to call back and own parts of yourself that were denied so that you can experience the fullness of who you are and your power in the world.

The Trauma of Not Being Seen

As soon as we are born, we begin an internal subconscious battle: to be deeply seen for our authentic selves and risk losing connection to our caregivers, or to be seen for who our caregivers want us to be, and risk losing connection to ourselves


In this process, we neglect our true gifts. We lose touch with our unique abilities, and begin developing the abilities and characteristics that others celebrate and desire in us. This feels like constantly living in the fawn response and desperately desiring for someone to finally recognize who we are, as we lose touch with our core.


We desperately want this from our partner, our children, our coworkers, our friends: “they don’t see me. I am invisible to them. I feel neglected, unloved, unappreciated, unseen”. Not only do we become disconnected from ourselves, the more we try to please them, we eventually feel disconnected from them also. 


At the same time, while feeling seen is the thing we most want to experience, it might also be the thing we are most scared of in the whole world – exposed, vulnerable, seen.


This internal battle follows us throughout our lives, all the way until the moment when we decide to begin the process to reconcile the two, and to begin living our truth unapologetically, stepping out of a fawn response, and surround ourselves with people who will truly SEE us for exactly who we are.

When you SEE Yourself…

When you are DEEPLY SEEN:

  • You stop attracting friendships and romantic relationships in which you feel small and your needs are dismissed, and start to attract relationships that are fulfilling, where you feel belonging, seen and heard
  • You trust yourself so deeply that you no longer have the need to seek external validation
  • You are so intune with your body that you create a calmer, safer, more regulated nervous system 
  • You listen to your deepest needs and desires, so that you move through people pleasing – the fawn response, and start speaking your truth, setting boundaries and operating from your power
  • You celebrate and recognize yourself do powerfully that you begin to create your vision into life in manifesting the gifts you are meant to bring into the world!

How I Practice Seeing Myself

I grew up in a family that really valued productivity and monetary outputs over emotional insights and connections. As a result, I neglected celebrating and seeing my gifts as a healer, coach and deeply wise child.


I learned to please in order to get my deep desire and need for connection met. I pleased my partner, my friends and my family. I even pleased my clients and the way I showed up on social media (scroll back on my IG – you’ll see!) has been geared to say the right things to get liked (and many likes) by all.


As I began to realize my deep human need to be seen for the core of who I am, I also began a process of unraveling – letting go of friendships where my gifts of coaching were being taken advantage of without reciprocation; from attracting demanding clients who didn’t take ownership of their own triggers and process to attracting clients who truly feel ready to do the work; shifting my partnership to show up more authentically and share from my heart; shifting the relationship with my parents and setting boundaries; and just generally speaking my truth more.


As a result, I began to attract and co-create a community of people around me who actually SAW me and celebrated my gifts. My relationship with Tomer changed completely – I started to feel more connected to him as I began to be more connected with myself.


I actually noticed the smallness I’ve played in my BODY, and began to show up so much more as my powerful self.


Ahh… the relief. The feeling of belonging to MYSELF AND THE WORLD. It feels like I can finally relax into who I am, to show up as who I am, and to be held and even celebrated in that feels absolutely incredible. 


It all started with noticing that I don’t see myself due to the childhood traumas of not being fully seen. Once I somatically worked with those traumas, big shifts began to occur.

The Unique DEEPLY SEEN Process I Will Walk You Through:

DEEPLY SEEN is a signature embodiment process by which you begin to call back and own parts of yourself that were denied so that you can experience the fullness of who you are and your power in the world.


I’ve created a unique process using our daily triggers of not being seen, the places where we feel bitter, where our voice shrinks – to create pathways to finally speak our truth, inhabit our bodies and our wholeness more fully, and live as ourselves, while being loved as ourselves.


This is the powerful somatic process I will walk you through in this workshop. In this process, you will choose a trigger to work with, combining the power of somatic and embodiment, parts work, inner child work, journaling and more to create a deeper sense of wholeness and self-celebration.


This is a replicable process you can use daily to embody more, and more, and more of YOU, while inviting more, and more, and more of other humans who you feel a deep sense of belonging with – a sense of coming home to you, in a home filled with support and love. 




Save Your Spot:

About Marina Yanay-Triner

Based on my background, I was supposed to live a very hidden life, filled with pain, regret, animosity and passive-aggressive behavior, disconnected from my body and other humans.

I was supposed to become a doctor or lawyer (not that there is anything wrong with those professions, they just don’t spark joy in me!), and spend my whole life chasing my career, with zero joy.

I was supposed to fail my own business as a result of financial trauma and dysregulation.

I was supposed to just exist in life, to feel occasionally super pissed off, and then move on to the next thing, and the next thing.

Life was supposed to happen to me.

Trauma runs in my family line: the Holocaust, violence and war, financial trouble.

It also runs in my own life: moving multiple times as a refugee, leaving the familiar with deep distress, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.

And yet, through it all, through deep pain and many, many triggers, I was and am able to find deep aliveness and presence.

I am able to build a thriving business, and support thousands of humans to shift and transform their trauma and to use their triggers for deeper connection and aliveness, rather than live in continued pain and fear.

I am so excited for you to join this revolution: we are shifting our family cycles, we are creating new outcomes. We are changing the world.

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We are here to learn our lessons and to be deeply and fully alive, enjoying everything life has to offer us and welcoming it all in emotional healing and a commitment for unstoppable growth!