Triggers are portals of initiation into our deepest healing.

Without experiencing triggers, we wouldn’t get the clues of what we actually need to heal – and we wouldn’t then experience the feeling of liberation and aliveness in our daily lives.

When we shift the way we meet our triggers (and our – with compassion, with the right tools to process all the emotions that come up, with a regulated nervous system – we can start to actually use them to heal, rather than to shut down or feel even more overwhelmed.

If you’re ready to start processing your emotions, aligning your beliefs with your actions, living a life you are proud of – this is the course for you!

Feeling seen is a human need that begins with the internal ability to see, recognize and celebrate ourselves.

You, beautiful human, deserve to be seen: in all your gifts, and all parts of you. The sad, the wise, the raging, the immature, the silly. All of you.

Rather than just knowledge, this course brings you the deeply healing somatic and nervous system regulation tools to allow others to see you, and for you to see and celebrate yourself.

Although going through changes and transitions is extremely challenging for our nervous system, they are exactly what holds the key to the beautiful things we want in life.

This is the exact moment when we can finally see our life from a new angle. When the old stops making sense – we can change it!

This course is for you if:

Currently going through a transition, or have had one in the past

Feel unsafe, confused, overwhelmed, or stuck; you hold a grudge, resistance, or resentment

DEEPLY SEEN is a signature embodiment process by which you begin to call back and own parts of yourself that were denied so that you can experience the fullness of who you are and your power in the world.

I’ve created a unique process using our daily triggers of not being seen, the places where we feel bitter, where our voice shrinks – to create pathways to finally speak our truthinhabit our bodies and our wholeness more fully, and live as ourselves, while being loved as ourselves.

This is the powerful somatic process I will walk you through in this workshop. In this process, you will choose a trigger to work with, combining the power of somatic and embodiment, parts work, inner child work, journaling and more to create a deeper sense of wholeness and self-celebration.

This is a replicable process you can use daily to embody more, and more, and more of YOU, while inviting more, and more, and more of other humans who you feel a deep sense of belonging with – a sense of coming home to you, in a home filled with support and love.