Nervous System Regulation and Emotional Healing Workshop

Pre-recorded workshop

If we shift the way we interact with our trauma and stuckness and regulate our nervous system, they can become our greatest teachers and healers, leading us to our greatest aliveness, presence and freedom!

In this workshop:

▲ Discover nervous system & emotional regulation and how they lead to living more fully alive

△ Practice a powerful nervous system regulation tool that allows you to release stuck emotions (this will be a deep, 30 minute guided practice)

▼ Workshop flow: nervous system and emotions education, followed by a deep guided practice and then Q&A.

Virtual Masterclass on Zoom, Replay Available

About Marina Yanay-Triner

Compassionate Somatic Coach

Based on my background, I was supposed to live a very hidden life, filled with pain, regret, animosity and passive-aggressive behavior, disconnected from my body and other humans.

I was supposed to become a doctor or lawyer (not that there is anything wrong with those professions, they just don’t spark joy in me!), and spend my whole life chasing my career, with zero joy.

I was supposed to fail my own business as a result of financial trauma and dysregulation.

I was supposed to just exist in life, to feel occasionally super pissed off, and then move on to the next thing, and the next thing.

Life was supposed to happen to me.

Trauma runs in my family line: the Holocaust, violence and war, financial trouble.

It also runs in my own life: moving multiple times as a refugee, leaving the familiar with deep distress, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.

And yet, through it all, through deep pain and many, many triggers, I was and am able to find deep aliveness and presence.

I am able to build a thriving business, and support thousands of humans to shift and transform their trauma and to use their triggers for deeper connection and aliveness, rather than live in continued pain and fear.

I am so excited for you to join this revolution: we are shifting our family cycles, we are creating new outcomes. We are changing the world.

We are here to learn our lessons and to be deeply and fully alive, enjoying everything life has to offer us and welcoming it all in emotional healing and a commitment for unstoppable growth!