Claim Yourself Boldly: Depth, Community, Recognition


A 7 week embodied experience of self recognition, owning your depth, and celebrating your extraordinary nature. Your gift to you.

Signs that you don’t see yourself:

  • You don’t accept compliments. You brush them off or ignore them.

  • You recognize your talents, but don’t feel a sense of celebration in your body. You don’t get excited about your own uniqueness.

  • When you do something nice for someone, you expect major gratitude and recognition from them.

  • You desperately crave validation from everyone around you: family, friends, in your romantic relationship.

  • You constantly feel like your needs aren’t being met by other people.

  • You constantly try to please others – by saying and doing the right things to avoid triggering them.

  • You get extremely triggered when your needs aren’t met. You almost feel like you want to throw a temper tantrum

  • You always feel like people aren’t giving you enough attention, especially those closest to you.

Do you really allow yourself to see yourself?

You’ve been on this healing path for a while. You’ve been regulating your nervous system, learning what deep, profound healing actually means.

You’ve taken the steps that most people never dare to take – to look inward and see the traumas within yourself that are the deepest and most painful.

As a result, you’ve come in touch with your own depth. And this profound depth has left you incredibly lonely. 

Most people don’t dare to go this deep. Most people don’t dare to dive within their soul as you have.

And you ask yourself – is it worth it? Is this deep inner work worth it, if I’m so lonely?

I’ve been there too, and the missing piece I’ve found is this:




We search for the community so that we start to feel seen and recognized, when that recognition, that vision begins with US.

When we see ourselves: our uniqueness, or power, our depth – and when we see and recognize our needs and desires – community effortlessly gets pulled to us, and we start to feel deeply seen.

In this 7 week journey, we will experience the depths of claiming ourselves:

Claiming your truth
Claiming your power
Claiming your depth
Claiming your wisdom
Claiming your uniqueness

Your soul is yearning for this, and you keep looking for it in the wrong places. You keep demanding it from others, when all along, you could find it in yourself, and then allow it to be reflected in the presence of others.

This is for the one who:

✹Deeply values getting triggered 

✹Is ready and open for massive inner expansion

✹Always wants more: more recognition, more money, more depth, more love

✹Is on the path to living an extraordinary life that makes no sense



All sessions will be live on zoom. Exact times finalized the week before the program begins – the week of June 4th. All sessions are recorded, and you can submit your questions for the q&a ahead of time – watching the recording IS as powerful as attending.

Week 1: Setting the Vision

This is where you get to tune into your somatic resourcefulness: what actually helps you through difficult moments and lifts you up into feeling and sensing your bigness and your power. We get to set a vision that feels really aligned and right internally, rather than a vision of what we should and need to do: it’s our deepest desire and deepest longing of what we want to create in our lifetime, in every area of our lives.


Week 2: Breathwork Envisioning Session

Breathwork is one of the most powerful modalities I’ve worked with, and in this session we get to both practice transformational breathwork to set us up for future implementations of this incredibly powerful modality, and envision even deeper – in a way that goes into the body somatically.


Week 3: Uncovering the trauma 

What blocks you from claiming yourself boldly? 

When you uncover what is holding you back, you effortlessly discover what to do to step into creating exactly what you want. Here, we dig into uncovering the shadow sides, the hidden blocks and stuckness. This is my zone of genius, so get ready for a powerful ride! 


Week 4: Hot seat coaching and q&a

We’ll be diving deeper into your specific patterns and stuck points on the journey to claiming yourself boldly. 


Week 5: Feeling it all

In this session, we will dive deep into the world of healing through feeling it ALL. There’s nothing more healing than feeling the pain, fear, rage, disgust, joy and excitement behind claiming the boldest vision of yourself.


Week 6: Breathing into expansion

In our second breathwork session, we will dive deeper into emotional healing through this powerful modality, breathing and feeling through any emotional stuckness and into expansion. 



Celebrating your fullest expression, celebrating walking into your potential and out of potentiality, celebrating claiming yourself boldly! 







Save Your Spot: Enrollment Closes May 25th

About Marina Yanay-Triner

Based on my background, I was supposed to live a very hidden life, filled with pain, regret, animosity and passive-aggressive behavior, disconnected from my body and other humans.

I was supposed to become a doctor or lawyer (not that there is anything wrong with those professions, they just don’t spark joy in me!), and spend my whole life chasing my career, with zero joy.

I was supposed to fail my own business as a result of financial trauma and dysregulation.

I was supposed to just exist in life, to feel occasionally super pissed off, and then move on to the next thing, and the next thing.

Life was supposed to happen to me.

Trauma runs in my family line: the Holocaust, violence and war, financial trouble.

It also runs in my own life: moving multiple times as a refugee, leaving the familiar with deep distress, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.

And yet, through it all, through deep pain and many, many triggers, I was and am able to find deep aliveness and presence.

I am able to build a thriving business, and support thousands of humans to shift and transform their trauma and to use their triggers for deeper connection and aliveness, rather than live in continued pain and fear.

I am so excited for you to join this revolution: we are shifting our family cycles, we are creating new outcomes. We are changing the world.

Make Big Fucking Moves Breakthrough Meditation Practice

We are here to learn our lessons and to be deeply and fully alive, enjoying everything life has to offer us and welcoming it all in emotional healing and a commitment for unstoppable growth!