Unleash, the Masterclass:
Somatic Practices for Impact, Creativity and Flow

Thursday, February 1st, 9am PST/12pm EST
Replay available

In this 90 minute masterclass, I will walk you through my process of alchemizing triggers into flow so that you can create embodied offerings in your business through a fun and easeful process. 

Business Bliss:

Impact, Creativity and Ease

an intimate 3 month group program experience

strategic tools and deeply transformative somatic practices for a life + business of flow and ease


 Harmony between your business and life: your business a part of your serene, fully alive life, working as many hours as you decide and prioritizing enriching all areas of your life: full and restful.

Working with clients who deeply appreciate you, and making the impact you so deeply desire. 

Enjoying the sales process, showing up as fully yourself, getting energized from it.

Being deeply connected to your heart when you share online, enjoying every moment of your visibility and feeling seen and celebrated. 

Ease, bliss and creativity flowing out of you. Your business and life become a space of fun and experimentation, a space of personal growth and deep fulfillment. 

You are part of a group of 6 inspiring, powerful entrepreneurs who support each other and learn from one another. You meet weekly to elevate each other and learn the most powerful tools that not only completely transform the way you do business – they transform your whole life.

Each week, you feel more connected to your purpose and heart. You can feel your impact multiplying. You feel that you receive everything you need to become unstoppable and joyful, to conduct an easeful business in which you feel rewarded every single day.

This is Business Bliss.

An intimate container

In Business Bliss, you’ll get the strategic tools and deeply transformative somatic practices to live a life + business of flow and ease.

Business Bliss is an intimate, 6 participant, 3 month life and business transformation program to create an impactful business you love, alchemize intense emotions and triggers into creativity, and live your life with more ease and flow. You’ll learn the inner work and business strategy you need to elevate the power of your life & business.

*By purchasing you agree that you have read these TERMS & CONDITIONS and accept the binding contract.

For the Soul-Led Entrepreneur

This is for you if you:

  • Love your work as a practitioner, and desire to embody the successful entrepreneur 
  • Crave to experience pleasure in being seen without the need for external validation
  • Desire to feel a sense of peace, fun and flow when you’re selling, from a deep trust in yourself and your work 
  • Long for a trusting relationship with money, and a surrender to receiving 
  • See your business as your greatest personal transformation journey, and are ready to turn triggers into breakthroughs 
  • Are ready to be living proof that it’s possible to make money, be authentic, rest and enjoy life – all while doing what you love the most

Business Strategy and Deep Inner Transformation

You’ll walk away with:

  • Deep inner trust in your ability to lead your business and in the unique gifts you bring to the world 
  • A strategic plan of action for your business that feels good to you including marketing, sales, content creation, visibility, and more!
  • An embodied belief that it’s possible to make money, rest and enjoy life and biz
  • A powerful set of somatic tools and replicable processes you can use any time you get triggered into anxiety and overwhelm in your life and business
  • A tight-knit community of fellow entrepreneurs to lean into for support, sharing and business development

Session Breakdown

These 90 minute live sessions include a combination of somatic inner work and business strategy.

All sessions are Thursdays at 9-10:30am PST/12-1:30pm EST
February 22 – May 9, 2024
Replays available for lifetime access

Month 1: Roots: Biz Foundations

Session 1

Your Mission, Vision, Values and Impact

A foundational session to provide deep-rooted supportive resources for decision making and the backbone to your business strategy. Standing firmly in your mission and values helps you take steps forward with trust and resolve.

Session 2

Your Voice & Message

Do you ever feel like you’re just like all the other soul-centered entrepreneurs out there? This session will change this forever – as you tap into your uniqueness and what is on your heart to share. Your unique gift to the world that no one can replace.

Session 3

Life & Biz Alignment: Your Flow; Bonus: Blissful Systems

Determine how your business and life fit into one another: craft a vision for fulfillment in every area of your life, and how your business effortlessly fits into this. How many hours a day do you work and what do you do in those hours? Who supports this vision on your team and in your life? Set up systems that make it easy for you to work as much or as little as you like.

Session 4

Breathwork Integration

Breathwork is one of the most powerful somatic practices to connect with your body, release stored emotions, and tap into your vision. In this integration session, we will wrap up our first month and somatically tune into the transformation you are creating. This is a practice you can come back to, over and over again.

Month 2: Trunk: Embodiment

Session 5

Structuring your Offerings Pyramid

Creating a sustainable pyramid of offers that you invite your ideal clients into is a must in business. In this session, you’ll create offerings that feel aligned to your work schedule, learn about collaborating with others, and how to infuse your creation process with spirituality and meaning.

Session 6

Team & Hiring

When you know your zone of genius, you can invoke support and spend most of your working hours doing what you love the most. We will map it out, as well as a strategy to get you the support you need the most in your biz.

Session 7

Marketing & Visibility

Scared of being seen? We’ll work through a powerful somatic process for increased visibility, and establish a marketing strategy that actually feels fun and exciting for you.

Session 8

Emotional Revival Practice

Do the emotional ups and downs of business make you want to quit? Do you find yourself in survival mode – fight/flight/freeze/fawn? This powerful practice will teach you how to move through emotions in an empowered way, owning your shadows and walking out stronger than you came in.

Month 3: Branches: Impact

Session 9

Burnout Prevention & Your Blissful Biz

Setting boundaries, stopping over giving and finding the right client flow for you are all elements of burnout prevention that every entrepreneur has to know. In addition, you’ll learn how to prioritize rest and satisfaction in every area of your life, rather than allowing your business to lead you.

Session 10

Sales & Rejection

One of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner is facing rejection – over and over again. After 8 years of business, I battled severe freeze and shut down due to intense fears and experiences of rejection. Not only will you learn how to enjoy sales and bring your heart into the process – you’ll learn powerful somatic tools to practice your resilience in the face of inevitable rejection in biz.

Session 11

Triggers in Biz

Welcome to the heart of being a biz owner, and one of my favorite topics to teach! How do you alchemize your greatest triggers as an entrepreneur into your most potent creativity? Get ready for a revolutionary approach to business challenges!

Session 12

Communal Celebration & Self Recognition

The ability to celebrate yourself, even when no one sees you, is one of the strongest skills of an entrepreneur. In this session, we will close our experience with celebrating one another and really recognizing ourselves.

This program is only open to 6 entrepreneurs.
This means you’ll receive an intimate experience with me, and a deep connection to a close knit community of fellow entrepreneurs.

*By purchasing you agree that you have read these TERMS & CONDITIONS and accept the binding contract.

About Marina Yanay-Triner

Marina Yanay-Triner is the co-founder of Body Sense Certificate for Functional Somatics (30+ students) and the SomaShare app for somatic practices (17K downloads in 7 months), and 5 time business owner, serving thousands of students, clients and customers for the last 8 years.
She went from experiencing overwhelm and an incessant desire to quit her business, to having the tools to meet the normal challenges of business in a whole new way!

Based on my background, I was supposed to live a very hidden life, filled with pain, regret, animosity and passive-aggressive behavior, disconnected from my body and other humans.

I was supposed to become a doctor or lawyer (not that there is anything wrong with those professions, they just don’t spark joy in me!), and spend my whole life chasing my career, with zero joy.

I was supposed to fail my own business as a result of financial trauma and dysregulation.

I was supposed to just exist in life, to feel occasionally super pissed off, and then move on to the next thing, and the next thing.

Life was supposed to happen to me.

Trauma runs in my family line: the Holocaust, violence and war, financial trouble.

It also runs in my own life: moving multiple times as a refugee, leaving the familiar with deep distress, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.

And yet, through it all, through deep pain and many, many triggers, I was and am able to find deep aliveness and presence.

I am able to build a thriving business, and support thousands of humans to shift and transform their trauma and to use their triggers for deeper connection and aliveness, rather than live in continued pain and fear.

I am so excited for you to join this revolution: we are shifting our family cycles, we are creating new outcomes. We are changing the world.

Make Big Fucking Moves Breakthrough Meditation Practice

We are here to learn our lessons and to be deeply and fully alive, enjoying everything life has to offer us and welcoming it all in emotional healing and a commitment for unstoppable growth!

This program is only open to 6 entrepreneurs.
This means you’ll receive an intimate experience with me, and a deep connection to a close knit community of fellow entrepreneurs.

*By purchasing you agree that you have read these TERMS & CONDITIONS and accept the binding contract.

I can't be there live. Should I still sign up?

Yes! The recordings are as powerful as live participation.

What is included in this 3 month experience?

The program includes a community to ask your questions, 12 live sessions, and group interaction. You’ll receive bonus materials, and each session will include both practical business strategy planning and somatic inner work to regulate the nervous system and your emotions.

I am scared to invest.

I totally hear you. I have been there too. My first major investment in a mastermind program scared me to death. I was the last person in the room to sign up, convinced by the support of my partner. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I ever made – it propelled my business growth, introduced me to an amazing community of entrepreneurs, and so much more! Since then, I’ve grown confident enough to invest over and over again. If our intuition is speaking to you right now – go for it!

What if I want 1-1 time with you?

There are 3 spots available to add 1-1 sessions while you’re in the program: 1 session per month, totaling 3 sessions for an additional $1,555. Please reach out to support@marinayt.com to select this option.

Will I have time to ask questions?

Absolutely. We have a community in which you can ask all your questions, and I will be answering them on a weekly basis.

Will I have time to interact with the other practitioners?

This program is all about building community – that is why we are keeping it small. There will be interaction throughout the live sessions, as well as in the ongoing community portion throughout the program. In my experience, these participants will become your friends for life!